Reimbursement Policy

Reimbursement Policy: Vaginal Microbiome Test and Probiotics

Policy Statement:

YONI Solutions SA does not offer reimbursement for vaginal microbiome tests and probiotics. This decision is based on the understanding that the microbiome composition of individuals can vary significantly, and as a result, we cannot guarantee 100% conformity in Food Supplement administration outcomes.

Individual Variability: The human vaginal microbiome is known to exhibit substantial variability from person to person. What constitutes a healthy or balanced vaginal microbiome can differ greatly among individuals.

Informed Decision-Making: YONI Solutions is committed to promoting informed decision-making in healthcare


While YONI Solutions SA generally does not provide reimbursement for vaginal microbiome tests and probiotics, we recognize that individual situations are open to discussion and can be considered on a case-by-case basis. Any sending of replacement kits, collection tubes, or probiotics are solely at the discretion of YONI Solutions SA, and cannot be claimed by a customer. 


Our reimbursement policy reflects the current state of knowledge and scientific understanding regarding vaginal microbiome testing and food supplements. We remain committed to evidence-based healthcare practices and will continue to monitor developments in this field. Should new research emerge that supports the clinical benefits of these interventions, we will reevaluate our reimbursement policy accordingly.