Shipping Policy

The delivery time for YONIBiotic products may vary depending on the Postal Code. Starting from the date of sending the microbiome test result, provided that it is considered elucidative and satisfactory*, the countdown for the delivery period of the YONIBiotic product will begin. If the customer needs to repeat the test due to insufficient sample or any other reason that prevents the laboratory from completing the analysis, they will be notified, and the YONIBiotic product will not be shipped until the customer repeats the test.

Delivery dates are estimates, and in the event of fortuitous events or force majeure, such as excessive rain, extreme risk areas, and rural zones, there may be an extension of the delivery period. YONI Solutions SA will make up to 1 delivery attempt to the healthcare professional or customer, and if none of them is successful, the product may be waiting for pickup at an agency or returned to YONI Solutions SA.

The company is not responsible for the non-collection of the product at the final delivery address. If the customer receives a product different from their order, please refuse the delivery and immediately send us a message informing us of the occurrence. If the error is identified only after receiving the product, do not tamper with the packaging and send us a photo of the item, and we will provide further instructions. Shipping is included and covered by YONI Solutions SA under the pre-established normal conditions. If the customer does not provide the new desired delivery address, they will be responsible for the costs of a new delivery attempt. To view the shipping conditions available for the desired address, please visit the website of the Swiss postal company if you bought it in Switzerland or the Shipping Police conditions of your HealthCare Provider and/or Distributor, if you bought it in another Country.

*YONI Solutions SA does not guarantee that the sample sent by the customer is sufficient for analysis or does not contain materials that could interfere with the results. Please consult the User Instructions to improve the chances of a satisfactory material collection.