The Yoni Package

The Yoni Package


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The Yoni Package includes both a self-testing kit to analyze your vaginal microbiome and 2 months (2 packages) of personalized oral food supplements based on your individual test results. These food supplements, the YONI Biotics, will support you in (re)balancing your vaginal microbiome.

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Users Reviews

“I recommend Yoni Solutions to guide women towards balancing their vaginal microbiome. I had a great experience with my analysis and the probiotic recommendation for my individual case. Thank you YONI!” Eugenia Pessoa

“My first microbiome experience was amazing! I got my results very fast and the recommendation came in the same report! Easy and practical”.  Gabriela Luersen

The Yoni Package includes everything you need to do your vaginal Microbiome Analysis and a Food Supplement to rebalance your microbiome.

In the YONI Kit product, you will find the complete material to collect your vaginal samples:

  • 1 Vaginal Swab
  • 1 Tube
  • 1 Instructions of Use
  • 1 Box for shipping back the samples 

Dimensions of the Box

  • Length 30 cm 
  • Width 12 cm 
  • Height 5 cm
  • Weight 200 grams

Once we receive your sample, we do the YONI Analysis in our lab and you’ll get the results sent home: 

  • 1 composition analysis 
  • 1 report with your individual composition 

After your analysis, we will send you your Food Supplements, the YONI Biotics for two months. 

The YONI Biotics are personalized food supplements, based on YONI’s unique formulation principles. From the results of the vaginal microbiome analysis, we predict the microbe that is most likely to re-balance the microbiome and send it to you. 


Shipping included